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Sound Screen 980A

Sonet Acoustic Privacy System   (Includes 2 speakers)

Extension kit
(Includes 2 speakers that can be added to the system--total system can have 6 speakers)

Sonet Privacy
Regular price: $199.95
Web sale price: $185.95

Extension kit
Regular price: $85.95
Web sale price: $ 76.95

Sonet white noise generators can be installed quickly and easily to:

1) Protect information  in health care offices, guard attorney-client privilege; and protect privacy in any business situation;

2) Help any employee who is bothered by the distracting conversations of co-workers; and

3) help people's sleep and any home or hotel environment.

Sonet provides the perfect solution to meet HIPAA and GLBA federal privacy guidelines.

The SonetTM Acoustic Privacy System (APS) is effective in:

  1. Individual cubicles for employees who want more privacy, 
  2. A closed office for complete privacy, 
  3. Hallways and open areas to improve the confidentiality of conversations in nearby offices, and
  4. On perimeter walls or columns to mask noise throughout a room without paying the high cost of an in-ceiling system.  

Why SonetTM Sound Masking?

  1. Individual Installation: Can be installed only for the employees who need or want them
  2. Effective: Based on sound masking technology that has been proven in tens of thousands of applications around the world
  3. Unobtrusive Sound: Produces a sound like the pleasant, familiar gentle whoosh of a high quality HIVAC system
  4. Portable: Unlike in-ceiling systems that become a permanent part of the building,


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